Everything about life seems to be extreme these days. Extreme Makeovers, Extreme Biking, Extreme Sports – hell, life has become extreme …full stop.


Picking up an extreme sport is expensive and the decision is made difficult by the wide variety of sports on offer. This is especially true when you live in a warm coastal city such as Cape Town. When deciding on an extreme sport, one has to take into consideration the effect of weather conditions, the price of equipment, the amount of adrenaline it produces and the safety of the sport. At Arnaud Plaisant we believe in people looking after their bodies, and this applies even more greatly to those who participate in extreme sports, the need to supply the body with additional supplements only increases with the intensity of the associated sporting activity.

For newcomers to the extreme sports scene, dune surfing and paragliding are the two best extreme sports to take up. Dune surfing involves surfing sand dunes using a modified snowboard, aptly named a sandboard. Dune surfing is one of the cheapest extreme sports and it is, therefore, easy to stop when you feel you need a bigger adrenaline rush.

Paragliding Cape Town is another easy to pick up extreme sport and is accessible to everyone, young, old, fit or frail. Starting out, one can ascend to the heights of Signal Hill and Lions Head and glide down to the Atlantic Seaboard in tandem with a trained professional. The sport, despite the heights involved, is extremely safe and provides a good adrenaline rush for beginner extreme sports enthusiasts. The beauty of paragliding is in the longevity of the sport. Once one feels the adrenaline rush is not enough, one can go for a pilot’s license and start solo paragliding. Once solo flight begins to bore you, you can take paragliding up a notch. Extreme paragliding, the most dangerous version of the extreme sport, is for the biggest of adrenaline junkies. Tandem Paragliding Cape Town is one of the most versatile sports and provides the best scenery of all extreme sports. You would do very well to team up with the Skywings Paragliding team that offer lessons and tandem paragliding packages for those who don’t have any experience but want to experience the adrenaline rush.

If you’re feeling fearless and ready to jump head-first, literally, in to the world of extreme sports, there are options for you too.
Skydiving is one of the ultimate adrenaline-pumping activities and is not for the faint of heart. This sport is not recommended for beginners. Jumping from a plane at great altitudes can have the strongest of people shivering in fear. Conversely, it also provides you with one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you can acquire.
Bungee jumping. The sport of jumping off high bridges while attached to a cord. Nothing gets the heart pumping more than falling down to your imminent death only to be yanked back to safety by a rope. Definitely one of the best extreme sports but not for the faint of heart or anyone who fears heights.

If you’re sick of the hard land beneath your feet, try out an aquatic extreme sport. Shark cage diving is one of the best aquatic extreme sports, in terms of number of heart palpitations per minute. Getting close to one of the world’s deadliest predators, the Great White Shark, is both awe inspiring and thrilling. Shark cage diving is a must for those among us who are both lovers of nature and adrenaline rush seekers.
For those who seek a more fitness orientated water sport, whitewater rafting is for you. Whitewater rafting is the sport of paddling a raft down a body of water, usually a river (like the Orange River). The river usually consists of gentle water and more demanding and dangerous whitewater, which provides the adrenaline rush you seek from an extreme sport. Whitewater rafting can be quite tenuous and isn’t recommended for people with a lack of fitness, upper body strength or water wings.

There is an extreme sport for everyone based on your preferences, budget, age and fitness levels. Extreme sports are good for both your mental and physical health so why not pick up one?