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Supplement World is one of the largest Bodybuilding, Fitness and Nutritional dietary supplement suppliers in South Africa. Trusted by top athletes to improve their performance, increase lean muscle, recover faster from intense workouts and gain weight, Supplement World will help your reach all your fitness goals. They carry the full range of the most popular brands, including USN, Supplements SA, SSN, Evolve Nutrition, Evox and Cipla Nutrition.

Supplements SA is rapidly becoming one of South Africa’s most respected brands among athletes, bodybuilders and fitness professionals. Testo Blast is one of their most popular products, so we decided to get our hands on some and see what all the fuss is about.

Testoblast or ZMA Tribulus is a potent supplement that encourages healthy testosterone production and levels in sportsmen. It stimulates the luteinizing hormone, thereby promoting testosterone levels, thereby increasing muscle performance and strength during extreme workout sessions. Clinical research has shown that this potent combination of Zinc, Magnesium, Aspartate and Vitamin B6 has many benefits, including increasing the body’s natural hormone levels to peak levels. Tests have shown that Testoblast can increase a mans testosterone, levels by up to 83%, which is almost 3 times higher than average. Testoblast is also a natural diuretic, can reduce cholesterol and can aid restful sleep when taken before going to bed. The capsules are best taken before going to sleep, but can also be taken before working out. It is recommended that you take between 3 to 10 capsules per day, depending on your workout regime.

There are things to take into consideration when taking any testosterone booster. Side effects related to increased testosterone levels may be experienced. The side effect most often reported is pain in the testicles, caused by an increase in sperm production associated with increased testosterone levels. The easiest way to remedy this is simply by having sex, or “relieving” yourself. The second most complained about side effect is bad smelling body odor, caused by more active aprocine glands pumping out hormonal sweat. An oily skin is another common side effect of increased hormone levels. This can unfortunately lead to problems with acne which can be avoided by washing regularly with a good quality PH balanced facial and body wash.

Ultimately though, the huge benefits for a bodybuilder or athlete using a high quality testosterone booster like Testoblast, far outweigh the possibility of these small naturally occurring side effects.

Tranquil Sober House in Constantia, Cape Town

Following on with our previous article, and talking about the extremes that bodybuilders, sportsmen and women will go to, to achieve peak performance and their goals. Unfortunately they sometimes lose sight of their dreams and under pressure to perform and achieve, will turn to steroids and other banned sports performance drugs which may boost or aid their performance. Things don’t always end well for some of these dedicated athletes and bodybuilders. Their muscles and bodies suffer from the prolonged use of steroids and other performance enhancing substances, and they end up both physically and psychologically addicted to these drugs. Some may be caught using the substances by the athletic governing bodies or muscle building associations and banned from competing. Those that have become addicted will need treatment for the addiction in some form of rehabilitation center.

Scotswood sober living retreat

Scotswood Retreat in Cape Town, South Africa, is a luxury, world class facility that caters for these sportsmen and others suffering from some form of addiction. After a patient completes a stay in a rehabilitation facility, they need to start up with their lives again, living a different way, a way free of the temptation to go back to those things which tempted them in the first place. This is easier said than done. They may have learned much about themselves whilst in treatment, and given many tools to keep them on the right track, but going back to your old life and trying to live differently is really, really hard. People, Places and Things. These three are the biggest stumbling blocks for recovering addicts once they leave treatment. People you associate with using your drug of choice, hanging out with them, is a huge trigger. Places you may have used your drug of choice, going to these places is dangerous for a recovering addict. Things you associate with taking your drug of choice, maybe it’s a certain cool drink bottle that your drug was in, maybe its sitting in your car where you used to hide and take that drug.

Scotswood Retreat

Scotswood Retreat offers a holistic, nurturing environment for patients leaving rehabilitation centers, that are looking for somewhere that they can have freedom of movement, be responsible for themselves, but within a safe environment that is completely free of any of those old triggers that they may have, which could potentially cause them to relapse. Provided that applicants meet the criteria required by the Scotswood team, they are welcome to stay there between thirty days and twenty four weeks. Scotswood is a fairly new, but highly recommended sober house in Cape Town. Owner, Julia Finnis-Bedford, has an empathy and passion for helping patients make this transition, that only somebody whose own life has been affected by addiction, can have. Julia and her team, Suzanne Van Der Wath (Recovery Assistant), Louisa Baronetti (House Manager) and Ruby Weber (Relapse Prevention Counsellor) are all very experienced with addictive behaviors and the recovery process. The team is more than qualified to assist people in making the smoothest possible transition to living a normal, healthy, sober life. Besides being located in a beautiful suburb, close to mountains and forests, Scotswood is within four kilometers of shopping centers, coffee shops and restaurants.

Recovery from Steroid Abuse

Far too many bodybuilders and athletes end up making the mistake of becoming obsessed with reaching their fitness goals and end up placing them before their own health. Steroid abuse among athletes and bodybuilders is a huge problem and can have severe health consequences.The abuse of anabolic steroids often causes severe acne and in some cases can even result in men developing breasts. In more extreme cases, the extended abuse of the drugs can even result in heart attacks and liver cancer. is a service which helps people suffering from all forms of addiction, including anabolic steroid abuse, find the best suited treatment center for them.

drug rehabilitation

This online based search directory has taken the best of the best in addiction treatment centers and categorized them, sorted them and listed them in a way that is easy and simple to understand. The website has listings that specialize in drug addiction, eating disorders, ADHD, OCD and many other psychiatric disorders. The team at Rehab-Search has first hand experience with addiction and the damage it can cause and knows all too well how important it is to find the correct treatment center that is best suited to the patient. All too often a person that needs special attention for a dual diagnosis, such as drug addiction and is also bipolar, is referred to a facility that is not the best match for their condition. The website has a comprehensive list of :

  • Multi-professional Psychological Groups
  • Addiction Centres
  • Psychiatric Clinics
  • Outpatient Rehab Programs
  • Eating Disorder Centres
  • Half way Houses and Sober Living
  • Family Clinics
  • Integrative Health Centres is by far the best place to start if you are looking for drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town, South Africa.